some monday motivation!

Long time no talk! <3

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good! I've been pretty wiped out/sore lately. It feels like it never quite goes away. Everyone has told me about "low carb brain" and "the wall" that you hit in prep when you kind of just feel like your brain and body aren't totally connected, but this is the first time that I have really felt this way in my entire 19 week contest prep. Bleh.

Anyway, after a long weekend of grocery shopping, prepping food, lifting, and taking a few too many naps {assuming that's possible!}, I think that some Monday motivation is definitely in order! Here are some of my recent favorites!

{taking time to define your goals and get your mind right is so valuable}
{because you don't have to wait for hump day to see what the future brings. choose the path to awesomeness today}

{be your own cheerleader. set your eyes on the stars and leave the negativity behind you}
{if you take one step every day, you will get there in no time! learn to love the process}

{finally, if you can't love what today holds for you personally, love it for what it means to someone else. there is good in the world}

I hope that some happy thoughts for the day help you to find some perspective and start your week off right! Happy Monday!

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  1. Great post, Kendall, and I definitely needed the motivation! My vacation was amazing, but ridiculously tiring and I'm definitely feeling it! Stay amazing girl and keep powering through! :)