ribbi's holiday in the woods


Did you have an awesome weekend?? I sure did! Well, if you look at my pictures, there wasn't much excitement, but I promise that I really did have fun! We spent our holiday in Northern Arizona at our cabin. Since I didn't do too much celebrating, I thought that I would let my co-host take over for today. Please, give a warm welcome to our special guest: Mr. 4th of July, Ribbi!

Who? Me?? 

Yes, Ribbi, with your patriotic bandana and all, I think that it's only fitting that you share your weekend with the readers! Without further delay, here goes nothing!

Well, I was tackled by my mom and tied up with this toy that hangs from my neck. I tried to chew it off at first, but then I realized that it was my prize for being such a good house guard. I spent most of my day showing all these humans who walked by the house how loud I can bark. As the newest member of the family, I am obviously the boss around here. 

Take these old ladies, for example. I caught them sleeping on the job so many times that I had to cover their shifts too!

There were a lot of treats this trip. Like, more than my usual 10 bones and 2 kongs per day. This time, it was HUMAN treats! I even got to try chips ahoy. I begged Kendall for some of this homemade ice cream with fudge, magic shell, and cookies and cream protein powder, but she wouldn't share. The fake money didn't distract her well enough for me to steal. :(

I tried numerous times to find a comfy seat. Mom didn't want the booty this weekend.

...But I kept trying anyway.

Until I eventually gave up to sneak-attack dad! I got a few bites of his ear before he caught on.

Then I tried to hang out up there for a bit and see if it fit the bill for my new comfy seat.. 

But I kind of threw a hissy fit when he didn't let me stay. They don't call them "sad puppy dog eyes" for nothing!

Then I bit his arm a few times to show him how I was feeling. Take that, Dad! 

A little later, I was enjoying watching the family play a game of Corn Hole when Kendall had this brilliant idea to try to stage a repeat of this really cute picture that we took last year on the 4th of July. You can totally see how excited I was about it.


I can't even look at you while you torture me like this.

I feel a bit ridiculous.

I finally figured out that if I just let her take the stupid picture it would be easier than fighting her.

Wow, I'm even more good looking than last year! Look at that handsome smolder!

Just when I thought we were finished with that horror, Ben wanted one too. Gosh dang it, Ben, I thought you were on my side! You couldn't even hold me in a way that didn't display my manhood to the entire audience!

Post-photoshoot, I continued my search for the perfect comfy seat. This time, I tried the top of the couch by Mom's head. 

Something just didn't feel right about it though..

I huffed and puffed my way out to the deck to release some anger on the passing joggers...

But when Kendall came out to pet me and give me kisses, I couldn't stay mad very long. 

You could say that I was pretty excited when it was time to head home on Sunday. At home I have a good comfy seat waiting for me. Plus, I got a full hour and a half of my favorite toy- the wind tunnel!


I hope you had a great 4th of July! :)

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  1. HAHA! I loved it Kendall - and I love access to Internet so I can read your stuff! :) Loved it from Ribbi's POV. Sounds like everyone had a great weekend - and that ice cream snack sounded heavenly! :)