putting on my big girl pants- a refreshing weekend alone

Ha. Yep. I'm almost 21 years old, I spent three years living in San Diego alone, and I like to think that I am pretty self-sufficient, but this weekend of managing a house on my own was quite a crack up!

See, I've got taking care of myself and maintaining a room the size of a jail cell down to a science, but a two story house with animals is a whole different beast.

Mostly because of this beast.
Now that I am working every week day, I have to make good use of the weekend. I have workouts to get in, meals to prep, sleep to catch up on, and this thing called "people" that I should come into contact with every now and then. My attempt at balancing it all could get me a segment on the best comedy channel sometimes! I thought that it would be fun to share my weekend with you and take note of some of my realizations after living alone the past three days and trying to keep up with the normal routine.

Let's start with having dogs. Three of them.

  1. The small and innocent dog is always the one that decides to pee on the floor.
  2. Wearing socks around the house is dangerous because you might just start your morning by stepping in that puddle. GOOOOOODDDD MORNING! 
  3. Walking three dogs at the same time is probably not a good idea. You will be dragged. Avoiding bunnies in the path is also a good idea if you plan to maintain circulation in your fingers!
Then there's life. There were many benefits in this area! I like doing things on my own schedule. I made time for blog reading, cooking, pool time, hiking, shopping, napping, and even a massage! Not once was I harped on for using the dishwasher or leaving my little notes all over the kitchen. It was almost like I was at Loma again. There is something to be said about slowing down for the weekend and actually taking a break instead of speeding up life into double time to get a bunch of stuff done.

My "break" started with taking my AM cardio out of the gym on Saturday morning to hike Squaw Peak with my friend Tracey! Shoot. This hike kicked my butt! We started at 7:30am, and it hit 100 degrees not long after that. Arizona hiking in the summer gets a bit crazy!
Squaw Peak hike!
When we finished the hike (part of it was actually more like rock climbing!), we recovered with some food and an hour of lounging by the pool. It was glorious! Unfortunately, I had puppies to care for, so I couldn't stay much longer. I headed home to attempt to be productive, but crashed on my couch for two hours of napping instead! Whoops. Don't worry though, I woke up just in time to leave for my massage! It was a painful one. Anyone else think sports massages are the best??

I actually am learning to love meal prep! This is meal 3 of my day: pan fried mahi mahi with spinach and broccoli.
I swung by Starbucks for an americano on my way home before making some dinner and starting my meal prep for the week. While cooking is my absolute favorite thing in the whole world (besides lifting, of course!), working and contest prep are slowly draining me. I'm still trying to figure out my food allergy/intolerance stuff too, so prepping and eating the same meals for the week has been really helping me. I savor my weekend cooking, and look forward to it at the end of my long week.

15 meals later, everything but breakfast and dinner is ready for the week! Breakfast is yogurt and berries, which gets gross if you prep it too early, and dinner is usually just eggs/egg whites and veggies in a skillet :)
Sunday morning, I took some time to gaze the Sunday ads. WASTE. OF. TIME. Let's be honest, I only look for the grocery ads anyway, and healthy food doesn't go on sale. *sigh*
99% of the Sunday ads are things you don't care about. I won't be wasting money on this in the future!
After my ad-reading and puppy-walking, I ventured out to Scottsdale to go to service with my aunt at our church's Scottsdale campus! It was my first time there, and it was so weird to be at a smaller version of the Peoria campus! It was a really fun crowd and a great message.

It was great, but it was like a mini CCV Peoria! So weird!
 Not long after service ended, we devoured lunch at Whole Foods before I got myself into trouble at Lululemon.. Now that I know that they give discounts to fitness professionals, I have no hope of being able to control myself in that store!
Trainer discounts?! What!!??
I came out with a new pair of shorts! Only because it's a work expense though! ;) After a hot day of walking around the outdoor mall and a great time catching up with my aunt, I was ready for some PJs and, of course, my daily nap in my quiet home! 

Yummmm- gluten free, sugar free brownies!
 Don't worry though, I woke up just in time to eat a tray of brownies for dinner. That's what all lonely adults do, right?? Yeah, I thought so. Don't worry though, it was healthy! I'll throw the recipe up for you guys one of these days. If it fits into my prep diet, you know it's really not bad for you! I loaded the dishwasher one last time, said I would clean the rest tomorrow, and headed to bed for the evening.

And Monday morning I was ready to steal this sign from the gym parking lot to put in the front yard while I ran around like a crazy person getting ready for the inspection that would take place when the family arrived later that evening! 

So, there you have it! My weekend recap and my confession of the ongoing naps and lazy behavior that prevented this post from going up Monday morning! :) 

Have a great day!

What do you do when you are left home alone for a while??

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