Marvelous In My Monday + Monday Motivation

I feel it too, guys, I feel it too..

Don't worry though! I have some happy marvelous things to share and some motivation to help you get through the first day of the work{out} week! Start your caffeine IV and let's get started..

This week, I am linking up to Healthy Diva Eats for Marvelous In My Monday! I'll share some things from my weekend and from around the web that are making me smile this morning. {Yes, that includes some motivation for your day! One stop shopping over here ;) }

little joys from the masterpiece movement:
Getting in a killer workout with my friend, Bri, who flew in from Colorado to visit for the week! {she's crazy.. who comes to the 110+ degree weather from COLORADO?!}
Going to the Arizona Broadway Theatre for dinner and Peter Pan! 
Having a blackened salmon salad for the first time in FOREVER at the show! The raspberries and mango added a sweet finish to the perfectly flaky fish! It was pretty much heaven. 
Catching up before the show! It was great!
A cup of coffee and some trashy TV to recover from a long and busy week! 
Getting snowed on at my church during a sermon about Frozen! 
little joys from around the web:

  • This post from Breaking Muscle about finding beauty in your strength instead of your appearance. It's a pretty serious transition for most women who pick up weight training. 

  • This Jesus Calling message from earlier in the week..

finally, some MONDAY MOTIVATION:

On that note, go tackle Monday! Have a marvelous day!! 


  1. WAHHH! I wanna be there with you guys! On a serious note (though I was definitely semi-serious), you guys look like you are having a blast!! How was the Peter Pan show? Sounds amazing!! And thanks for the Monday motivation, like always! :)

    1. Peter Pan was awesome!! A bit different than the movie, but they had all the actors on suspension cords so they were flying around the theater! It was so cool! We wish you were here too! We miss our third muskateer ;)

  2. Is the weather in colorado cold?

    1. Not really cold, but much cooler than the 110+ degrees that we are seeing in Phoenix this month! Leaving the beautiful summer weather there to come to this place is a pretty brave decision :)