Friday Fitness Challenge!

I hope that is enough to get your Friday started with a smile! :)

It's been a long week around here! Work is keeping me busy, and adding competition prep into the equation makes the days pretty long, so I am more than stoked for the weekend to have finally arrived!

This week, I took a mini poll at work to see what part of life makes my clients struggle the most with sticking to their nutrition and exercise goals. I'm sure this doesn't surprise you too much, but an overwhelming number of them said that they are 100% good until the weekend rolls around. Then it all goes down the drain for the drinking, eating, and social events. 

My best advice to them was to try to get moving this weekend. Working out has a way of reminding you why keeping up with your healthy habits is so important on the weekends! In case you have a similar weekend battle with your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, I thought that I would share a little workout with you for Friday!

Please don't let the weekend be an excuse to get off your plan and deviate from the path to achieving your long-term goals! Kick it off with this killer workout and get the ball rolling! YOU determine how successful your weekend will be. Every day, meal, and decision counts!

What is your biggest struggle on your journey to a healthy lifestyle? Comment below!

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