When In Rome- Days 12-15

It seems as though my fingers have divorced my computer keys these days.. For that, I'm sorry. Although, as far as you all know, I have just departed for Rome, I am actually mentally, emotionally, and physically preparing to leave for the States tomorrow. Yikes, three weeks goes fast. Don't worry though, I won't just leave you in the dark when it comes to the final two destinations on my journey. I'm going to do one post each on Rome and Berlin. Neither one has many pictures, but I think that's the beauty of the place in which I stood during my time in those places. I was there. I wasn't a blogger, or a bodybuilder, or a student, or a jobless college grad. I was present. It was exhilarating.

I'll get to all of those feelings soon enough. You learn a lot about your priorities and what you truly cherish when you stray from your comfort zone a bit. I'll share some of those lessons soon. First, let me give you a taste of Rome..

We got there Monday evening, got off of the metro, and began walking towards our hostel. Coming from our first hostel in Florence, we thought we had an idea of what to expect. Our expectations were WAY off.

We walked forever with all of our bags and our legs were already exhausted from 12 days of walking 8-12 miles a day. When we got to the building, this couple comes down and says that we won't be staying there, but they have a room at a B&B across the street. Hmm.. Okay. They offer to have a shuttle take us, which turns out to be the husband of the couple in a four door sedan that has no room for our luggage because it is carrying a spare tire in the back. They cram us inside with all of our luggage and take us to another building and show us the room. It's three rooms with a shared living room and mini kitchen that was old and didn't look very clean. They requested to be paid in cash then (which was fine) but we never got a receipt or anything. I don't think that I have ever been so uncomfortable in my whole life. SKETCHY. Once we got over the weirdo couple and the run down part of town we were in, we did our best to get some sleep to prepare for the next day of adventures.

Here are some pictures of the highlights:

Trevi Fountain! Beautiful as always. I think this is my favorite thing in Rome!

One of the many incredible views from the botanical gardens!
Meet Rose! 
 Funny story.. I'm sitting in the garden by the roses, resting my feet, while my mom wandered through the garden a bit deeper. I took out my phone and was scanning some emails when my heart stopped for a second. Something was rubbing up against my thigh and not moving.. I almost died when I turned and saw a black cat using my leg as a post to pet its side! I don't mind cats at all, but I have never seen a stray be so unafraid of people! I was shocked. I named it Rose and stuck around for a few minutes to pet it. The next thing I know, Rose is curled up in my lap, nails fully dug into my legs, hanging on for dear life! Definitely not shy!

Campo De' Fiori

More of the stands at Campo De' Fiori

Mom and I at the Colosseum!

Roman Forum
More of the Roman Forum
At the Pantheon!

And gelato of course!

Wouldn't be Rome if there was no pizza!

Another shot of the Pantheon

By the colosseum! Looks surreal, doesn't it??

Mom and I by the Spanish Steps!

Splurged on a whole box of Laduree treats this time.. The Paris exclusive followed me all the way to Rome! ;)


I found myself in the Italian Disney Store, per the usual ;) Goofy in a toga is 100% Italian!

A little bit of truth!

A trip to St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica

Funny costumes helped me stay awake that morning :)

At The Vatican!

Mama looking pretty!

The Borghese Gardens! This was my other favorite area in Rome. SO pretty!

More of the gardens

Mom in front of the Borghese Museum

The most amazing seafood pasta in the entire world
And, of course, more gelato!
Although I had seen Rome once before, and really didn't have my heart set on going back, I had such a great time with my mom. It was her first time, and Rome has history unlike any other European city. It is absolutely incredible. I think that everyone needs to do it at least once! However, I was more than ready to depart for Berlin Friday morning. A new city, new adventures, and a new place to sleep! 

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