the mental illness of an athlete

Faster. Better. Stronger. Bigger. Fitter. Smarter. 

Always one step ahead.

You finally reach that goal but, somehow, it has disappeared beneath your feet and all you can see is the next step ahead. 

Day after day, your thoughts circulate. What you could possibly do to be on that next level? You are good, but being good isn't enough. You must be GREAT. Your vision drives you. 

It's the mental illness of an athlete. One step ahead, one goal after another. It's not that you think you are the best; actually, it is quite the opposite. There is always a way to be better, and you want to find it.

I think the world has a lot to say about people who live this way. From the outside, they reek of arrogance and, until you know them, you really don't want much to do with them. But, give them time. As you study them, you see how they evolve and how their relentless mentality gives them a level of drive that you don't see very often. It's persistence. It's refusing to be complacent for one more moment. 

I am an avid blog reader and YouTube watcher. Just about everyone who knows me, especially the individuals who live with me, think that I waste a lot of time. Eh, arguable.

What I do is learn. The pointless videos of daily activities and blog posts of yummy goodies are great, but every couple of days a post or video goes up that awakens that drive in my bones. When these people share their lives, it shows me that I can relate to them. When they tell me what tools they use to be a better version of themselves, my previous ability to be able to relate to them draws me in, and I absorb their advice and motivation like a sponge. I love it. I see this drive in others, what many others call pride, but I see that athletic mentality that I strive for and relate to. 

This isn't really a post with a point. I'm sorry for that. A lot of things that spiral through this mind of mine don't have a big point. Yet, I feel the need to make note of them. This drive to do more and be more and grow and evolve is something that just keeps getting bigger and bigger in me. For now, I work, train, learn, and take notes, while wait to see where God guides this mentality that He is growing in me. 

It's a journey, friends. And journeys don't keep you in the same place forever. You go somewhere. You travel just a bit further every single day, towards something bigger. You can't expect to go on a journey and be afraid to move. Don't wait until all of the stars align. Pick one dream, and chase it. Don't leave any stones unturned. When you get there, don't pat yourself on the back and take a day off. Pick a new dream and start running again. 

When you have a reason to run, you always run faster. You always try harder. You always finish better.

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Great post. And I think that it did have a point - and a good one at that! I've always admired your ability to make goals and chase after them. It isn't easy and it's hard to not become obsessed with them. My goal now? Enjoy the rainbow on the way to the pot of gold! :D