Some Friday Fun..

YAYYYY IT'S FRIDAY!! I saw this survey on Janetha's blog and thought it would be fun for Friday! I'll attempt to overcome my indecisiveness for this one. Here goes nothing!
Name Your Favorite…
Person: Is N/A an allowed answer?? I don't think this is fair. I'll go with these gems:
Family makes for the best friends.
Food: I hate this question. Can I choose one food in every type of cuisine? Right now, I'm still dreaming about those doners in Berlin. Otherwise, the usual answers are bean and cheese burritos with guac or mac n' cheese. Only the healthiest foods, of course ;)
Smell: Fall. Anything Fall. Or Christmas. Apple pies, cinnamon, crisp air, peppermint- you name it! That's a dangerous time of year for me to be in Bath & Body Works!
This Cinnamon Roll Topped Apple Pie is one of the best smells in the world! Recipe is under the recipes tab!
Book: Love Does. Hands down. Or Man's Search For Meaning. Both are completely life changing.
Movie: Forever Peter Pan, but I will always love all things Disney!
Disneyland Paris was complete with a Peter Pan sighting!
Time of day: Early in the morning, driving home from the gym with a good cup of coffee and a post workout meal!
Day of the week: Thursday. I would say Friday, but the anticipation is always better than the real thing.
Things to do when bored: I'm such a nerd. I could spend hours reading training and nutrition research! 
Celebrity: Ehh, I don't really do the celebrity thing. If Dana Linn Bailey counts as a celebrity, then that's my pick! She is inspiring and so incredibly humble. 
Drink: Java all day every day. I am the Americano queen!
TV show: Lately, I'm loving Drop Dead Diva and, of course, The Bachelorette!
Fruit: Pineapple or strawberries!
Vegetables: Call me crazy, but I'm a brussel sprout lover!
Store/shop: Dick's Sporting Goods or the Nike store! Anywhere that sells Nikes will empty my wallet!
Workout:  I am in love with weight training. The way that it changes your body is absolutely amazing.

Potato chip flavor: I'm much more of a nachos or chips and 7 layer dip person than potato chips
Meal of the day: Breakfast all the way! Breakfast for breakfast. Breakfast for lunch. Breakfast for dinner. Breakfast all day every day!
Ice cream flavor: Peanut butter cup or fudge tracks!
Season: Fall!
Dessert: Lava cake with ice cream. Or pizookie. Or both! haha
Lifehack: Crispy tortillas without having to fry them: run them under the faucet first and coat both sides well with water. Toss in a steaming hot pan and hear it sizzle! Flip when ready. Works like a charm :)
Have a great weekend!
What's your favorite food and life hack? 

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  1. Yay! I loved this post - even though it made me miss you more :( I love the favorite foods - mac and cheese is always good. My favorite right now is probably sunflower butter and overnight oats. Yum! :D