motivation on a monday morning

Hi Friends! 

I'm sorry for my lack of ability {and desire} to keep up with my usual Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts. Life is getting busy and, as always, I have more on my plate than I can balance. I'll do my best to keep you updated as often as possible, but I might fall a little behind. New recipes have been brought to a halt because of my digestive problems acting up again and contest prep being at a plateau. I'm working 5am-12pm weekdays at the gym, which means morning cardio has to happen BEFORE I start work. Helloooooo 4am wake-up call. I'm a total morning person, but cardio makes me {and most people} cranky! 

If you add all of those last things together, you get stress. Stress is a freaking bully. It tells you what to do, whether you like it or not. Getting up 15 minutes before my 4am alarm clock: check. Making lists in my bed for an hour when I was supposed to be asleep: check. Being even more Type A than my usual self {this part is a bit scary}: check. Oh, and those digestive issues and the prep stall? All fingers point to stress. 

If you're feeling stressed today, here is some motivation to stand up to your bully!

Want to give up? Think again.

Don't know what to do with your life? Only you know the answer.

And this is where things really hit home. Why are we {I mean me, but I have to make myself feel better, so I lumped you there too ;) } so anxious and afraid of failing? For me, it's the thought that someone might realize that I'm not all they think I am. That I might fall off of the pedestal that I have been put on. That I might not be the best friend anymore, and I may have a pride problem, and I might not be very smart, and there may be times where I want to slack and take the easy way out, and sometimes I just want to lay in my bed and eat chocolate chip cookies and watch trashy TV instead of being the health-consious person that I am. Yeah, I know. Shocker. See, the thing is, if someone else were in my shoes, I wouldn't think even the slightest bit less of them for these little attributes that are so embarrassing to them. I think most of the issue is that WE are the ones who think less of OURSELVES.
That includes YOUR ability to see your worth.
So, on this beautiful Monday morning, that is what I have to tell you today. The only one keeping score of a perfect life is YOU.

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