Paris- Day 4&5

Bonjour! When I was little, I used to randomly show up at my parents’ feet with my best poems and powerpoint presentations when I wanted to go to Disneyland. With a poem in hand, the most innocent smile from cheek to cheek, and a knack for persuasion {a convenient skill for a lawyer-to-be!}, I was certain that my parents stood no chance of saying “no!” Disneyland was the most magical place and, even at twenty years old, I still love a good skip down Main Street and a hug from Mickey!

Being the huge Disney fan that I am, I knew that I had to fit a trip to Disneyland Paris into this trip! Day 4 was penned into the plans, “Disney Day,” and what a wonderful day it was!

We left the train station early on Sunday morning, prepared for a full day in the two parks that make up Disneyland Paris: the classic, Magic Kingdom, and Walt Disney Studios.

 Getting on the train!

After a half hour ride that felt like a time machine to 1998, I was video taping {who does that anymore?!}, singing, and practically running down Main Street! I know, I’m a goober, but I can’t help it! Disney is my favorite place in the whole world!

 Fun fact about the castle: it's actually called Sleeping Beauty Castle, just like in Cali, but it is the same model as Cinderella's Castle in Orlando.. I think it should have been Belle's.. 

Walt Disney Studios Park

Even the horses get cute hats for Spring!

Rather than give you the play-by-play, I think I’ll just stick with my overall experience. After seeing both parks, riding all of my California favorites {and a few new ones!}, and enjoying two parades + the night show, I don’t really know what I thought of Disneyland Paris. I think that my Mickey Mouse-shaped heart was a bit disappointed in what seemed like the French imposter of my hometown, Disneyland. {A bit of background for you, though, I’m not too impressed with Disney World either..} While I loved everything about being in the park that day, I think there were a few things lacking the magical touch that Disney symbolizes. For example, “Tomorrowland” was “Discoveryland,” the Walt Disney Studios park had hardly any rides and was honestly a poor rendition of California Adventure park, the statue of Walt and Mickey isn’t in the Magic Kingdom, the ticket-checkers didn’t smile when you entered the park, the cast members were, in general, nowhere near as friendly as in Disneyland, and none of the classic Disney treats were there. I know this sounds like some pretty ridiculous reasons to not like a park, but I grew up with Disneyland, and those little pieces mean a lot to me. Don’t get me wrong though, Disney Paris was a blast! I am so glad that we went, but I don’t think that I would go there again. My heart is forever sold to the original Disneyland. Walt’s hand left so much magic there.

 We had a blast in Toy Story Playland! It was just like It's A Bug's World in CA Adventure!

 Mom and I, chilling with Rex!

 They called The Haunted Mansion "Phantom Manor," and it actually had an abandoned saloon feel to it.. It fit very well in Frontierland, it's home in this park.

This was one of my FAVORITE parts of Disney Paris! I love Peter Pan, so having Skull Rock and Captain Hook's Ship in the park was one of the coolest things ever!

I will, however, say that Disneyland Paris’ parades kicked every other Disney parades’ butts! {With the exception of the electrical light parade- that is THE BEST EVER} It had the Hunchback, Jungle Book, and a ton of other classics that you don’t see in the parades these days!

We ended our Disney Day with the night show, sitting at the end of Main Street with a good cup of coffee and lit castle. We left with our usual sore feet as we boarded the train for our nightly homeward-bound nap, this time, with some Minnie ears. ;)

We started Day 5 with some extra sleep after 4 days of deprivation! I had an aching knee that started bugging me around day 2 or 3 and it was hardly even walk-able by day 5.  The relentless person that I am demanded that we not miss the things on today’s list though, so I limped Paris on day 5!

We started the day in search of a little cafĂ© that I had wanted to try, but it was closed when we got there, so we caught the metro and moved on to plan B! We explored the Madeleine area and eventually found a cute little place to eat {the name has totally slipped my mind} and we ordered the Croque Madame- another traditional Paris meal and a variation of the Croque Mansieur, which we already knew we loved. This restaurant’s version looked much like the traditional version of the sandwich, two pieces of bread with a ham and Gruyere middle, pan fried, and topped with a perfectly golden dippy yolk. This was my absolute favorite meal of the whole trip!

Croque Madame

After lunch, we took the metro over to Luxembourg Gardens, where we lounged in the sun reading for the whole afternoon. We shared a crepe, took a little nap, and I finished The Fault In Our Stars {And I loved it! Go read it!}

After enjoying the last of our days in Paris, we had a grocery store dinner and headed back to the room to pack up for our early-morning departure to Genoa, Italy!

I know that was a pretty long recap for today, so I’ll leave you there, and we’ll exchange our “bonjour” for “buongiorno” when we pick up with Italy next time!


  1. Well, at least by your review of Disneyland Paris, America is better than Paris in one area of life! ;) Looks like you had an amazing time and thanks for sharing! Though your food photo never loaded. :( Sadness!

  2. Yep! When I come visit loma in the fall, we will have to take a day and go to the original and best disneyland in good ol' cali! I think I fixed the photo issue.. let me know if it still doesn't work!