Paris- Day 2

Guys, I’m exhausted.

I’m completely wiped out. My body is falling apart {literally, we’ll get there}, my eyes are in a permanent half-shut state, I’m saying some pretty loony things, and the wall of the Metro looks more and more like a pillow each of the 4-5 times I board it every day.. BUT, I am having the time of my life!

Yep, no question there! I wanted so badly to tell you about all four days of my trip at one time {they all blend together in my mind anyway!}, but the number of pictures that I couldn’t help taking demands that I make this trip a series. You already saw day 1, so I thought that I would pick up where we left off.. Where was that again? Somewhere during or after the 36 hour day I think..

Ah, yes.. After my first night of sleep in Paris!

Don’t kill me, but the next day started with Starbucks. {I said don’t kill me, remember!?} Have you ever tried to find a big cup of coffee in Europe? Yeah, it doesn’t exist! They will serve you espresso any hour of the day, which I love, but I desperately need my ginormo coffee in the morning. So, to the Starbucks in the train station I went! We stopped there on the way to The Louvre, and I was greatly blessed by the fact that “venti Americano” is the same in every language! ;)

A short train ride later, I was reunited with this gem..

The Louvre

The Louvre! It is so incredible that pictures just can’t do it justice. Did you know that it used to be a palace? King Louis XIV was the last king to live there before moving to the palace of Versailles! No wonder it is so dang impressive!

We ran in and found the Mona Lisa right away. It was my second time there, so she was pretty much our only priority. We wandered a bit, and then started walking towards Notre Dame, in search of the Hunchback! {Disney freak alert!} We stopped to see the lock bridge as we strolled along the Seine.

 Walking along the Seine

My mom and I by the lock bridge!

Loving the Paris neighborhoods!

Wind-blown at Notre Dame!

We didn’t find Quazimoto, but we did find the beautiful church! We managed to climb the 387 steps to the top of the tower to get a pretty great view of Paris. It was the smallest spiral staircase I have ever seen!

 Gargoyles on Notre Dame
Mom and I at the top!
 Top of the church
 French Onion Soup
Chicken Parm Salad + Espresso

After Notre Dame, we grabbed some lunch at a nearby café. Authentic French Onion soup and a chicken-parm salad it was! Quick and delicious, served with an espresso so small all of my fingers wouldn’t fit around the cup!

Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore

We found the Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore after lunch on the way to Saint Chapelle, the most beautiful work of stained glass art that I have ever seen in my life!

Inside of Saint Chapelle.. Doesn't even do it justice.. It was breathtaking!

Right next to Saint Chapelle was the court building for the city! I think that there might be a future for me there when I get my law degree! J

 Future Parisian Lawyer??

Post-Saint Chapelle drool session, I practically ran down the street when I saw that Laduree was on the corner! Their macarons are one of my best memories of my last trip to Paris! The macarons are to die for! My mom got a Marie Antoinette (we decided it was hazelnut), and I got a Citron (lemon). I’m normally a chocolate girl through and through, but this lemon was melt in your mouth amazing! If I moved here and had unlimited amounts of money, I would just live next door to Laduree and eat macarons all day!

I'm so obsessed.. They look amazing!
Marie Antoinette

After we enjoyed our treats, we walked towards the Musee d’Orsay.  When we got there, they had closed 45 minutes early and we couldn’t get in. We were pretty bummed, but we decided that we would just come back the next day and head down Champs Elysees over towards the Arc De Triomphe instead. Along the way, we saw the obilesk where King Louis and Marie Antoinette were beheaded.

Fountain by the obilesk

When we finally got to the Arc, there was a strike going on! All of the military men were at the base and there was a bunch of music and stuff going on. It was cool to see, but we didn’t stay long because we were absolutely exhausted! We zombie-walked back to the metro to catch a ride back home before the sun even set (which isn’t hard here since it is light outside until almost 10pm!)

 The Arc De Triomphe
Military with an Eiffel Tower backdrop!

And that rounds out day 2 of Paris! It has been a blast! Watch for day 3 soon.. Next, we are heading to Versailles and the top of the Eiffel Tower!

See you soon!

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  1. Looks and sounds like an amazing (if tiring) time! The best things in life are, I suppose! ;) That food looked delicious!! I'm guessing not gluten free, but I'll drool anyway! Keep having an amazing time and spreading the love! :)