Paris- Day 1!

An afternoon siesta seemed like the perfect time to fill you in on my first mega-day in Paris! Gosh, it is amazing here. The buildings are gorgeous and the people-watching is so much fun. There is so much beauty here that I have yet to find anywhere else in the world. It's just as wonderful as I remember.

As magical and incredible as this place is, the flight here is always a rough one! A fifteen hour travel day with a 9 hour time change is pretty cruel! We left my home in Phoenix at 3:45am on Wednesday for our 6am flight to Newark, arrived at 2:30pm, then took off at 6:10pm for the 8 hour flight to Paris. We landed at the Paris airport at 7:45am Thursday morning and, after a quick luggage drop off at the hotel, we took off for a full day of adventure!

The view from our hotel room window! So beautiful!

Our teensy tiny hotel room. They are all so small here!

Strolling the Paris streets on the way to Sacre Coeur!

I was so stunned by Sacre Coeur. I honestly think that it was my favorite thing that we have seen so far. It is absolutely breathtaking! My mom and I had to snap a picture there! We climbed the stairs all the way to the top before taking off for our next stops..

Picasso's old studio in Paris!

One of the two last windmills remaining in Paris. It is actually a really cute little restaurant!

Van Gogh's old apartment.

Another view of Sacre Coeur.

The Moulin Rouge! Had to stop by and see the building, but we heard that the show was pretty cheesy and it is a whole dinner and evening event that would have taken our whole night, so we didn't stay for the show. 

This was our first day in Paris straight off of the flight so we ate an early dinner and crawled in bed to get some good sleep for the next day's adventure! Stay tuned, day 2 is coming soon!


  1. When I saw you had posted your first traveling update, I clicked on the link first thing! OMG Kendall - I can't believe that you are actually there! It looks so amazingly gorgeous and the weather looks perfect! Enjoy your day relaxing in the garden and soaking in the Paris atmosphere! Snatch yourself a French boy who knows gluten free bread :)

  2. Thanks, Casey! Keeping my eyes peeled for a good one ;) These 11 mile walk days are keeping me too exhausted to put posts together, but I'm doing my best! Miss you!