I have no words

After having Monday off of school because I have no finals, the week has flown by. I can't even begin to fathom the thought of graduating tomorrow, let alone leaving Point Loma forever in a matter of days. 
I have been an aerobics instructor for two and a half years and a yoga instructor for just over a year now. I have walked Caf Lane at all different shapes and sizes while climbing life's mountains, and I have sat and talked with God on the cliffs. I have ran the infamous ocean runs and experienced the sweetness of an authentic acai bowl with my friends. My eyes have glazed over at the sight of beautiful vegetables at the farmer's market, and my heart has been warmed by the sun reflecting off the ocean. I've gone ice skating on the beach and lived steps away from my best friends. I have learned how to build a home for myself, and I have accepted that I will never, no matter how many times I go there, be able to drive to Fashion Valley mall without my GPS. I have known what it is like to be completely alone and not know anybody's name within a 200 mile radius, but I have also known what it feels like to have 10 different people say "hi" to you on your way to class, and have too many acquaintances to know everyone's name. I have learned the value of a hug and a word of encouragement on the roughest of days. I have experienced honest worship in Brown Chapel: joyfully, with my hands in the air giving praise; and from the depths of confusion, sobbing on my knees. I have received the most genuine love, and I have been stretched and shaped to try to give it in return. 

I love this place. I say that I "love" a lot of things, and I really thought that I did. I was just a kid. I didn't know what that word even meant. I still don't think that I understand the full extent of it, but I am so much closer to wrapping my mind around it than I have ever been. I think that the only way to learn love is to experience it. The sacrifice that was made, on the cross, in my classrooms, and in our home, have allowed me to experience this new, undefined, and indescribable definition of love. I have learned love through experiencing it in this place and, for that, I have no words to explain how great, wide, and limitless my gratitude is. 

To all of you who have joined me on the journey, whether you have been here a day or three years, I have no words. I think the only one that even comes close is "love". I'm hesitant to use a word that I still can't fully define, but there is nothing else that I can say. 

I love you. 

Year 1.
 Year 2.
Year 3.

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  1. Beautiful Kendall! One of my most favorite posts out of all the ones you have written. Stay amazing girlie. I love you too! :)