Genoa & Cinque Terre- Days 6,7,&8

Buongiourno! Another long day of train rides is behind us as we crossed the boarder into Italy. We spent the night in Genoa, which I don’t have many pictures of because it is a place that I will not be going back to.. Rude locals, a kind of scary and not well-maintained area, and a less than spectacular place to stay.. Guys, our elevator didn’t have a door! Enough said..

Let’s get to the fun part- the ultimate destination, Cinque Terre! HOLY. COW. Leave me here forever! 

The village of Riomaggiore, where we stayed at La Vita Dolce Hotel

View from Riomaggiore overlooking the train station 

Mom and I spending some time watching the water!

The first thing we did was, of course, find some Italian pizza and a huge salad for lunch!

 Basic margarita pizza with hot salami (like spicy pepperoni!)

When we finished lunch, we stopped at the beach for a bit and then headed out for a two and half hour hike from Monterosso (the Northern beach village) to Vernazza (the next one traveling South).

The villages are made of of tiny little staircases leading through the stacked neighborhoods!

Standing in the pebbles, flirting with the Mediterranean- it was cold! 

 Walking near Riomaggiore

 Looking down on Montesrosso

 On the way to Vernazza! It was a long hike, taking well over two hours on a very warm day.


 All of the little cafes are sandwiched by the buildings!

Southern side of Vernazza

When we got to Vernazza, we refueled with some gelato! When it Italy, do as the Italians do, right?! ;)

We caught the train back to Riomaggiore, where we were staying, and then took a little while to unpack our stuff and get cleaned up for dinner.

We walked down the street to this really cute seafood place that I wanted to go to. I was stoked to have great seafood because I don’t eat it much at home {my parents are anti-seafood} and I definitely have never found better seafood than in Italy! I felt kind of bad though because we couldn’t really read the details of the menu and my mom ended up with one of the only two dishes on the menu not including any fish, the pasta with pesto. 

It was delicious, but it looked like worms: something that my mom couldn’t get over!

I got the most amazing Marinara Mussels ever! Ahhhh, Italian seafood I missed you!

We ended the evening with a load of laundry, a nutella-banana crepe {unpictured}, and a movie before an early lights-out to prepare for a good day tomorrow.


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