a weekend of counting blessings

Welcome back for another Gratitude Monday! Grab that cup of coffee and let's take a few minutes to start the week right by acknowledging all of the blessings in our lives.

This is finals week. The LAST finals week of my undergraduate career. My heart is so happy though. These past few days have been so busy, but so, so wonderful. If I tried to count all of my blessings this morning, I would run out of words. The past few days have looked a little like this..

Last Wednesday was the senior chapel. It was a tear-jerker. This is the only version of this photo that I could get my hands on, but it shows the true character of the graduates- silly!

The bleachers are going up in the Greek for graduation on Saturday! It's so crazy. I can't drive on that side of campus or I get a bit teary-eyed!

One of my last roomie dates to the beach on Saturday morning. It has been in the 90s here and we enjoyed some time reading our books in the sunshine! It makes studying so much more bearable :)

I had a minor freak out when I read this email.. Then I remembered that my grades this semester are of zero importance since I am already on scholarship to grad school.. I would love an A-, but I would also love some incredible memories with my best friends these last days in Point Loma.

... However, that doesn't give me an excuse to fail! Pre-workouts were made for studying! Ultra-focused on Business Strategy and Money and Banking on Sunday afternoon!

Then, I became a horrible blogger and went to a staff party in the park before trying out the newest restaurant in town, Native Foods Cafe!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Native Foods Cafe, they are a completely vegan restaurant that offers wheat free, nut free and soy free menus as well. Their focus is on individuals who have unique dietary needs. They just opened on Tuesday, so we thought by Sunday things would have slowed down a bit. Well, we were a bit off with our predictions. We waited forever, which is why I demolished my salad before I even thought of taking a picture of it. Dining out in contest prep is extremely difficult, so I couldn't try some of their fun food options, but the reviews from my friends were great! I would advise you to wait a few days until the crowd dies down though.

So, that's what I'm thankful for. I know I haven't had time to really keep up with you all right now, but I'm doing my best. I promise to get back to you after finals end. These last few days are ones that I want to cherish with my best friends and not be tied to my computer the whole time. I really appreciate you all hanging in there while I get through this busy time!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

What are you thankful for today? Comment below and share!

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