playing the waiting game

When I was little, I could never stand to be alone. As one friend's parent picked them up from a play date, another kid crawled out of a car and showed up at my door. I was never just content with a play date either; I always had to have someone spend the night! I remember scheming with my friends and trying to decide the best plan of attack to hear our parents mutter that three letter word we longed to hear. Why was is always so hard to get them to say yes?! Even a no let us give up our hopes of our wish coming true. The worst answer was always that other word.. "Maybe."

My pastor once said that God has three answers to our requests: yes, no, and SLOW.. All of which I have experienced and continue to experience daily. You already know that the last answer is the one that I loathe the most! I am terrible at doing anything slow. I do not have a slow bone in my body! Everything is fast, purposeful, or instantaneous. 

I think that the "maybe" we are told from day one of our lives is somehow meant to prepare us for the "slow" we will encounter from our Creator throughout the rest of our days.  As much as we want a "yes," sometimes even a "no," often times, we just have to wait it out. And it sucks. A lot. I actually think that the worse we are at being patient, the more times that "slow" answer gets thrown in our faces. The punches keep coming until we learn how to dodge them. 

It's not that I think God likes to see us in pain. I think it's more like the beginning of a novel, when the characters have some transforming to do before the happily ever after can happen. I think that every day that we have to accept "slow," we face another day of trials and character builders that are transforming us into our best version of ourselves. "Slow" is the sculpting process that prepares us to be the perfect person to encounter the blessing. Sometimes we are prepared to receive upon asking, and He says yes, but, other times, the request isn't the best thing for us, and we have to watch a door close before us. When it comes to "slow," I''m learning that we aren't totally in the dark. We are actually invited to look closely into our character and watch Him transform us before our own eyes.

Whether the answer is "yes," "no," or "slow," find peace in the knowledge that although it might not be the answer you want, it is always the answer you need.

When in your life have you been told "slow"?

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