gratitude monday and some snapshots from the weekend

Monday already?! After a busy weekend, it's time to take a minute to count some blessings..

This week was pretty much insane. And the weekend? What weekend?! While it was so much fun, I'm ready to crawl in bed and pull the covers back over my head for a few hours days! Let's rewind to Thursday though, when the craziness began.

You all know that I'm a tutor for math and writing. Well, there was a huge math test on Friday so I was pretty much sleeping at the tutoring center the whole week! Luckily, I got to reserve the last half of Thursday and all of Friday off to spend with my best friend..

Me and Mama!

And then the fun began.. I swear there is never a dull moment.. I'm an avid, type-A planner and I always have to know what my plans are for events and what not. With this personality trait, not knowing where I am going to law school in the fall has brought me anxiety and way too much stress. I basically have the option of going to a Arizona Summit, in Phoenix, on a scholarship, or paying a ridiculous amount of money (that I don't have, by the way) to go to Pepperdine, in Malibu. Completely opposite ends of the spectrum. I am on a couple of wait lists for other schools, but these are my options as of right now. This weekend was Pepperdine's accepted student day, so I decided that visiting the school was probably a good idea to help me make a choice. My parents decided that having a second pair of eyes would be beneficial, so my mom flew out to make the drive with me.

Well, the plans started to crumble when she got here and we found out that LA traffic in the morning would turn the 3 hour drive from San Diego into a 5 hour bumper-to-bumper disaster. GREAT. After a little bit of googling, we found a hotel that was $66 a night only about 8 miles from the school. It was already 5pm when we made the decision to leave that night and drive up to the hotel to stay for the evening.. 

I'm not a hotel snob, but I was a bit nervous about what we would we calling a bed for the night..

We got very lucky!

Apparently it's the only hotel that Pepperdine students and staff stay at and, while it was not luxurious, it did have all of the essentials! Plus, we got to spend the night in Calabasas (Kardashian City, in case you didn't know!). It turned out to be a wonderful last-minute decision that made it incredibly easy for me to make it to this beautiful place on Friday morning..

Absolutely gorgeous, but I didn't pick it.

Living on the most breathtaking piece of property I could ever imagine for the past three years has left me with some high standards.. It actually let me look past the view and focus on sorting out the academic and student life aspects of Pepperdine. Long story short, it's not home. It can't be home. It won't be home.

And I was suddenly free of the shackles of uncertainty. 

After a long drive back to San Diego (almost 5 hours due to the horrible traffic), we hung around and got some cleaning done before calling it a night. We decided to get up early and go for a good walk by the cliffs.

One of my favorite places on campus. So much solitude there.

When we were finished with our walk and a quick lunch, we started the hunt for the perfect graduation dress. I'll just let you know that we found it.. You'll see soon!

My roomie, Kelsey, turned 21 on Monday, so we went to Stacked for dinner to round out our long day of shopping! She got to make a cookie sandwich and they even added a candle to it for her!

Kelsey and her ice cream!

After dinner, we caught up on American Idol (are you watching?!) and then packed up my mom's suitcase for her trip home. I took her to the airport on Sunday morning on my way to get my workout in, before catching up on homework and teaching yoga later on in the afternoon.

It was quite a weekend! Thank goodness I get to go home for Easter break on Wednesday! I will be ready for some good sleep and a home-cooked meal!

What are you grateful for today?

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