friday fantastic 5: things not to do in the gym!

Happy Friday! It's that time again.. Friday Fantastic 5! This week, I wanted to share with you some definite gym no-nos! Let's start Friday with a smile!

1. Making obnoxious noise does not result in more gains.. 

Nobody wants to hear you playing George of the Jungle and beating your chest while you roar! I promise, lifting heavy weights is enough. If you grunt every once in a while, no biggie, but if you can't complete a set without a vocal performance, you need to re-evaluate your weight selection and breathing techniques!

2. Don't be a rack hog- especially if you're curling in it!

We all know the famous commandment of weightlifting: never curl in the squat rack. Honestly, I don't really care what you are doing in the rack. If you have been squatting, lunging, pressing, rowing, whatever in the rack the entire time you are in the gym, people are going to get a bit fired up. Get your sets in, and be willing to share. If someone asks you to work in a set, let them. Don't be an egotistical jerk.

3. Don't pose for a selfie more often than you pick up a weight!

There is something so funny about the moment that big macho man in the gym snaps a selfie "secretly." We all do it every now and then, but if you take 100 photos of yourself and only do 1 set, you need to share the mirror. Some of us actually use the equipment you are blocking and, unfortunately, selfies and Instagram gym posts don't equate to gains..

4. Don't take 6 sets of dumbbells to your bench to do drop sets and then leave them there for someone else to pick up!

This one is fairly obvious, but there is nothing worse than going to look for 20s and seeing that someone took them. What's worse? Trying to adjust and use the 17.5s, 15s, 25s or anything remotely close to the original weight, only to see it on the floor next to the 20s "being used." Put your stuff away and don't take every set of dumbbells back to the bench with you.

5. Please, for all of us, don't put perfume/cologne on before you get out of your car at the gym!

Deodorant, yes, super smelly and nauseating scents, NO! If you need all that stuff, you should shower more often. When you are at the gym, people expect you to be sweaty and gross. While I BEG you to please wear deodorant, there is nothing worse than having someone walk past the rack while you are squatting and fill your lungs with the latest Old Spice or Axe pollution. Leave it for when you are going on a hot date, don't wear it to the gym!

So, when you hit the gym for your next workout, DON'T BE THAT PERSON! See you on Monday! :)

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