Friday Fantastic 5- Healthy Swaps!

It's hereeeeeee! I know you are so exited for another Friday Fantastic 5! Today, we are talking all about healthy swaps. No, I'm not going to tell you to ditch mashed potatoes for cauliflower like you have heard a bajillion times! We are talking about swaps you can make that will make you feel enriched, not deprived. That's what life {especially Fridays!} is all about, right??

1. Eat more meals {and less snacks}

Yes, you read that right. Last week, I broke up with snacks. No more small bites of things. If I'm hungry, I need a meal. Guess what? I eat 5 meals a day if my body tells me that's what it needs. Hunger is supposed to clue us in on what our body wants. Sometimes, it doesn't need the carbs and sugar that the food industry tells us is a "snack." Do you ever have a 100 calorie pack or a granola bar and then want to reach for two more? ME TOO. Why? Because it's all GMO crap that your body doesn't need. It's not what your body is asking for! Protein, carbs, and fat round out a meal. Have each food group represented {preferably by whole, non-GMO foods} and give your body what it needs.

2. Find a passion {not an obligation}

As soon as that pre-work run or skipping dessert becomes an obligation, it's time to move on. They are both really great things but, when you begin to feel guilty when you skip them, you need to replace them with a new healthy habit that you are passionate about. I'm not telling you not to be dedicated, but your level of dedication is usually directly related to the amount of passion you have toward a given habit or activity. If your body tells you to sleep in one morning, honor it. Passion and guilt don't co-exist. If you don't love it, stop it. It's as easy as that.

3. Choose fat at lunch {omit limit carbs}

This goes with number one- eat more meals. If I hear someone try to argue that fat makes you fat one more time, I'm going to rip my hair out. Fat DOES NOT make you fat. It keeps you full. It stops you from reaching for that afternoon sweet. It helps you keep your eyes open through the 3 o'clock slump. Fat was put on the earth for a reason and, just because a scientist found out how to take it out and replace it with sugar without you taking notice, doesn't mean that it's a good food choice. Don't nix the carbs completely, but search for balance. Throw some nuts or avocado on a chicken salad or have some peanut butter with an apple and some deli meat. Limiting your carbs and adding in some fat will help keep your blood sugar stable through the afternoon. 

4. Commit to yourself {like you do others}

Have you ever gone out with friends just because you would feel guilty for bailing? That is part of being committed, but what if you committed to yourself and your health the same way?  If you need to get to bed early because you are completely exhausted, don't force yourself to go out. There is balance between being a flake and taking care of yourself. Schedule an hour a few days a week to do whatever you want to do, completely guilt-free. You are worth the time and commitment. 

5. Supplement with sleep {ditch the candy}

On the days that you do hit that wall of exhaustion, whether it be in the afternoon or evening, accept it for what it is. If you are exhausted, take a nap! Don't grab handfuls of candy and other sugary treats to keep yourself awake. All you'll do is cause a sugar crash later. Instead, give yourself a half an hour to close your eyes and you will be so much more productive when you wake up.

That wraps up another Friday Fantastic 5! Have a great weekend, guys!

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