friday fantastic 5: entertaining the weirdest thoughts..

Welcome back for another Friday Fantastic 5 {complete with GIFs for a good laugh, of course!}. Pull up a chair, stay a while, and get your giggle on because it's FRIDAYYY!

Here are 5 really weird feelings/desires that I have had this week.. I think I'm coming down with something, guys..

1. Going for a run.. 

I think the sunshine is melting my brain. Remember last week when I told you how much I despised this form of physical activity? Well, somehow the sparkling sunshine has brought this odd desire over me to grab my shoes and hit the pavement. Maybe I'm sick?? The only thing keeping me from the track is the thought of the awful shin splints I get every time I run {well, and the fact that yesterday was leg day!}. Does anyone know why I have to deal with aching shins every time I run? Any advice would be welcome!

2. A burger and cheese fries..

Please don't laugh at me! I seriously have woken up every morning this week, looked at my sparkpeople meal planner, and attempted to figure out how I can somehow fit this into my daily macros without starving myself the whole rest of the day. If you don't know me too well {yet ;)}, just know that this is seriously weird for me. I never have a problem staying away from the common trouble foods for most people, but I might find myself sitting at Stacked customizing a burger by next week..

3. Going boogie boarding..

I hate swimming the ocean. There are few things that scare me the way that the ocean does. I don't mind lounging on the beach and staying dry, but I can't stand being wet, having sand stuck all over me and, remember in Finding Nemo, when those sharks are chasing Nemo through the water? Yeah, that right there is enough of a reason for me to stay far, far away! I don't know what's wrong with me {I might need some shark week replays to find my sanity again}, but I have wanted to run to the beach every time that the sun shows its face from behind the clouds. Get it together, Kendall!

4. I'm ready to graduate. And I really don't care that I have no idea where I will be in 5 months.

This one is a little bit scarier {Is that even grammatically okay? Scarier? Whatever, we make up our own words around here :)} but, for the first time in my whole life, I'm really not sulking about the whole graduation thing. I'm ready to move on! Of course, there is so much that I will miss, but I am overlooking those things these days. Working as a personal trainer this summer and enjoying the sweet sun is calling my name! Whether the fall takes me back to California or chilling in Phoenix for a while, I'm honestly not wasting my time worrying about it.

5. I love working. Bring on the increase in hours. Bring on the freedom that a bigger check brings!


That's how I would answer the question, "If you were a millionaire, what would you do with your money?" Just kidding. It's not that big of a check! But it is bigger than it has ever been. I'm not a money-hungry person, but I have never had a full time job before (I worked for 6 months at a movie theatre in high school and have been teaching group fitness classes for almost 3 years now), but I decided to pick up some hours working at the tutoring center on campus as a math tutor and it is keeping me BUSY. I really love helping the students who come in and it gives me a way to fill my extra time. When I worked at the movie theatre, I always gave away a lot of hours because I didn't really want to work, I just liked the idea of having a job. These days, I appreciate the extra money in my pocket and things on the schedule, so I am actually picking up hours! Pretty un-like me, but probably part of adulthood creeping in.

Whelp, that rounds out another Friday Fantastic 5!  Go share your smile today, Masterpieces! See you next week! :)

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