5 heathy ways to celebrate Easter!

Welcome to another Friday Fantastic 5! Today we are chatting about healthy Easter ideas! Hang out, get some new ideas, and share one of your own!

1. Have an egg hunt!
I grew up having an egg hunt every year! Nothing made me happier than running all over the house to find those hand-colored gems hidden in the most clever places. Who says that you can't have an egg hunt when you are an adult?! Have someone hide the eggs (extra well, of course) and have at it! Running around the house will give you the perfect excuse to have some extra candy!

2. Go for a family walk, play a game in the yard, or go for a bike ride
Easter is the perfect chance to get the whole family together to play a fun game or go for a walk together. Some of our favorite games are Wii Sports and corn hole. So much fun!

3. Eat your chocolate, but choose wisely!
I love chocolate. It's my favorite, and Easter is the perfect excuse to ingest every piece of chocolate that lies in my path! While chocolate is delicious, I have learned that I am best off being picky about the kind of treats that I choose. No, they aren't "healthy" when I have too many of them, but at least I am keeping the chemicals and stomach-turning ingredients out of my body. Justins peanut butter cups, Annie's bunny gummies, and Surf Sweet jelly beans are some great options.

4. Offer to host brunch
Being the host is the perfect excuse to throw a few healthier brunch options on the table! Find a new recipe or revamp a favorite and bring enough to share! You will be sure that you have a healthy choice to indulge in on the special day.

5. Ease up
This is probably the one that we all need to work on- I know I do! It's Easter. It's not about the food, the guests, how clean the house is, or what kind of treats end up in your Easter basket. It's about HIM. He is alive, and His presence is all that you need for the perfect celebration!

I'm off to get ready for my own Easter celebration, at home in Phoenix! Hug your family and friends, be joyful, and keep Him at the center on Sunday. HE LIVES!

What is your favorite Easter tradition?

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