when I grow up..

Somewhere between the day I was excited to be tall enough to ride the biggest ride in Disneyland and now, it happened. It's like that moment when you have been waiting at the doctor's office and they finally call your name a whole 45 minutes after your appointment time. You have been waiting foreverrrr, and it's finally go-time. All of the years of built up excitement, dreams, and plans but, now that it's finally here, you kind of just want to death-grip your bedposts and hang on for dear life..

Whether you are 10, 20, 50, or 100, it's never "old." Anyone who tells you differently doesn't understand Peter Pan Syndrome and is sent to walk the plank!

Sometimes though, when the sunlight hits your life from just the right angle and the world goes silent for a few minutes, giving you the opportunity to basque in your own thoughts, you realize that you can't avoid it forever. Time just moves faster, and you can either make the best of it or let it get the best of you. You can be afraid, or you can be courageous.

I have tried to figure out why getting older is so daunting. Really, it's not too much different than life is now and it's not like things change overnight. I think it falls somewhere between the idea that we are running out of time to bring our dreams to life and the fear that we might not be as successful or accomplished of an adult as the world around us expects. 

Either way, being afraid doesn't make growing up easier or make the world spin any slower. All it does is make your next breath full of more anxiety and leave more regret for you to face tomorrow. You're not out of time. Actually, it is quite the opposite. The time is finally here! It's the moment that your parents, God, and life circumstances have been preparing you for! It's the big debut, the beginning of your greatest days. And, in case the thought ever crossed your mind, there is no way on earth that you could possibly mess it up. You were hand-crafted for the role when your story was developed. There was no one else in mind. You're ready for this!

Even in the moments that you want to pull the covers over your head. Even on the days when you can't face the yearbooks under your bed. Even when you realize that it's another reunion, anniversary, or wedding. Even when it feels like you were standing in line for that first big ride at Disneyland just yesterday. 

It's time, and you are ready. Smile big, live in the moment, and trust your intuition. The rest of your life is waiting for you.

When did you realize that you were finally a grown up?

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