Recap: Storyline Conference 2014

This weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Storyline Conference in San Diego! It is a 3 day conference put on my Donald Miller, an author and believer in the power of an individual's personal story.

I think that this is so fitting for the Masterpiece Movement, especially after yesterday's post on recovering. Through Storyline, Don helps thousands of people realize how valuable their individual stories are and how they can share them and impact the world. He brings speakers from all over the country to share how living their stories with authenticity has changed the lives of others and themselves. 

This year's speakers included Bob Goff, founder of Restore International and author of the New York Times best seller Love Does, Jon Acuff, a man who seeks to put an end to human trafficking and the author of four best sellers, Anne Lamott, a well-known author who encourages others through her work, and a concert by Ben Rector!

With such a line up, it was bound to be an incredible weekend! Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Donald Miller, getting the weekend rolling!

This is the booth I worked for Restore International, raising money for the work that they do in Uganda.

More of our booth!

This is how we spent our break.. The ball pit! If you've read Love Does, you know how spontaneous Bob Goff is. This is what he thought the adults needed at the conference to have some extra fun!

Needless to say, it worked! There were people of all ages diving in it the whole weekend! We spent a lot of time picking up the balls that were flying all over the lobby.. :)

An action picture of the conference!

Sarah and I at the Restore International booth! That Love Does shirt is for sale. I have one and they are so cute! We are repping the Storyline shirts since we were volunteering. They say "Your Story Matters."
It poured rain the entire weekend! All of those poor people who thought they would see some San Diego sunshine!

More rain :(

My new Love Does bracelet! Get one on the Restore International website and support the kids in Uganda!

Going out in the rain to help them at the other conference location. It wasn't very fun getting wet, but serving with friends makes it so much more fun!

And that raps up the wonderful weekend working at the Storyline Conference! Check out the website and some of the speakers and watch for the next dates to be released. Last year I had the opportunity to attend, this year I volunteered, and I can't wait to see what role I get to play in the future. It's an incredible opportunity to see others realize the purpose and value of their stories!

*All opinions are 100% my own and I was not compensated in any way for this review.*

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