planes, trains, and everything in between! staying balanced while traveling

It's here! After a few quick months, it's finally time to head home for Spring Break! In the midst of a demanding semester and competition prep, it is a much-needed vacation.

This time home is a little different than usual though. Being rescued from the cafeteria for 10 days fuels a desire for me to indulge during my time home. It's only human to want to consume all of the treats and special meals that I love so much! This week, however, I am going home for the first time on competition prep.

It could shake me. Honestly, sometimes it does, but I have some tricks in my back pocket to help a bit along the way! I have a coach (Team 3DMJ!) with whom I check in weekly to help keep me on track, but it really comes down to what we talked about yesterday: intrinsic motivation.

With that in mind, here are some of my tricks and tips for finding the determination to stick with your balanced lifestyle!

1. Be Prepared...
I'm totally that girl, guys. The one who has the Mary Poppins bag of meals and snacks that goes everywhere with me. Especially now that I am on prep! When you are traveling or know that you will be gone for extended periods of time, throw a sandwich or some mixed nuts and a string cheese in your bag to keep hunger at bay. I usually try to focus my snacks on proteins and fats to keep me full until I can get a real meal in. 

2. ...But Not Over-Prepared
Contradictory, eh?! Although I fully support being prepared, I also know that when I have a bunch of yummy snacks in my bag, I eat them! All of them! LOL. Options are non-existent for me. If I pack it, I plan to eat it. If two flavors of protein bars go in the bag, I have no doubt that I will eat them both! Keep that in mind when you start to plan your snacks.

3. Get Some Protein In At Every Meal
Pizza, french fries, potatoes, and pasta are all comfort foods that most of us love. A balanced life lets us enjoy them but, often in the midst of our enjoyment, they take over our daily intake and we find ourselves craving more and more. Be sure to get in some protein at every meal to help fight your hunger and keep you full longer! Meats, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and eggs are all great options to add to any meal.

4. Plan In Advance What Is Worth Splurging On
Shoot, those french fries are so much more crispy and perfect when they are right in front of you. The gooey cheese on that pizza catches the light just right, making it almost irresistible. That's why you can't just "roll with it" when it comes to deciding what is worth treating yourself to on vacation. My rule of thumb: if I can get it at home, it's not worth it. Save your treats for the special things that you can't find anywhere else. Planning in advance what items are worth it to you helps you avoid temptation to compromise your true desires in the moment. Choose your treats in the beginning and enjoy them! 

5. Get Active!
Go see a new tourist area, head out for a hike, take a casual bike ride, or play a family game of flag football. Just because you don't have your workout clothes on doesn't mean it doesn't count as exercise! If you know the individuals with whom you are traveling aren't the active type, get up an hour before everyone else and get it done so that it's out of the way!

Well, I'm heading to Phoenix for the break! It's time to live my advice! Hopefully I can get you guys a few more tips as I go. 

Until then, have a great weekend!

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