Sun-Showers of Gratitude

Monday is a day in which I invite you to reflect on what you are grateful for. Viewing life from the perspective of abundance is a huge step to seeing your value and strength. Each week, I will share something that I am grateful for and ask you to share in the comments below. I love to hear your stories and reflections! Happy Monday!


Feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning?? My body knows it’s Monday, but my soul could use just one more day off!

This weekend was full of restoration, beach days, and the best of company. It was a really great one. There is something intoxicating about those moments when the sun shines through the palm trees and the ocean sparkles. Soaking up the sun while I lift in the outdoor gym and getting to roll the windows down are the signs of the first days of summer, something that comes so quickly here in So Cal.

And then I catch a chill because I remember how close summer really is. Graduation, my trip to Europe, my 21st birthday, my first figure competition, and the beginning of a new chapter in my life all await on the horizon. Just the thought of it brings a surge of adrenaline!

This weekend was the first kiss of summer here in San Diego. It was like getting to hug a long lost friend, incredibly beautiful.

I know, enough about how glorious this place is, the other half of the country is ready to kill me I’m sure! Here’s a bit of what I was up to..

On Friday I had a tutoring session before heading over to volunteer at Restore Int. for the afternoon. It was the first time in three weeks (Spring Break and some kind of stomach flu last week) and I forgot how much love I have for that place and the warm hearts that fill it. We put together the cutest little Easter packages that will go up on the website soon. Each of these cups comes with some treats inside and the profits go to the kids in Uganda and India that Restore works with. Take a look if you want to get your hands on one of these little beauties- they are limited and I know they will go FAST!

After we finished, I grabbed some food and headed off to the PLNU Fashion Show, one of the biggest events of the year at our school. It was a great chance to get all dressed up and hang out with friends. I was pretty impressed with some of the creativity. Unfortunately, all my pictures were blurry, but this was one of the so-so ones!

Casey, me, and Noelle at the fashion show!

Saturday brought some fresh air and rejuvenating sunshine! I started my day teaching my yoga class outside so that the class could enjoy the beach weather. My yogis were such troopers and did an incredible job with the flow I lead us through!

We always grab lunch after class before taking off to the rest of the weekend activities and I really love that time that we get to develop relationships outside of class. They truly are a great group! 

The rest of my day brought me to the gym for a power workout. Squats, bench, deadlifts, pull-ups, Bulgarian split squats, and a seated row made for a long and exhausting workout! Those lifts are on a progressive scheme so they get heavier each week. I’m only 10lbs from my max on all lifts so it is getting to be quite a taxing session on the weekends! Post-lift I grabbed a protein shake and went to run some errands with a friend before shutting down and catching up on work for the evening at home.

I'm going to have to do something about these soon.. Any advice?

Sunday was an extra lift day at the gym with some friends! You know you have good friends when they think that a day spent at the gym together is the best way to hang out! I had already gotten my mandatory lifts in for the week, so it was all fun and games on Sunday Fun-day!  We had a blast and worked on some of the more fun things like overhead squats, giant tire flips, and box squats. We all enjoyed delaying the studying and managed to hit serious PRs!

I spent the rest of the day inhaling the sweet smell of java at Starbucks, in attempt to get some more work done before the week kicks my butt. It’s going to be a crazy one, but all of the best ones are! I hope that you have a great start to your week!

What are you grateful for today?

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