friday fantastic 5: my first two months of competition prep

It's been a while since we have done a Friday Fantastic 5 around here, so I thought I would pick it up again today to share with you what my first two months of competition prep has been like {complete with GIFs for a Friday smile, of course ;)}

Let's just say that competition prep is a bit different than my typical days used to be.. Here's 5 ways daily life changed for me when I decided to compete and begin working with my coach:

1. My food scale (Freddie) joins me for lunch and dinner in the school cafeteria.

Oh, yes. Those looks are definitely shot my way. Want to know something funny though? For the first time in my entire life, I don't really care. I am confident in my goal and that is enough for me.. It's funny how those comments used to bring me to tears and now I just smile because I'm going to be shredded in a few months on stage and it will all be worth it!

2. You hear the word "cardio" and all you can say is.. 

I used to think that I had to love running because all fit people ran. HA. Then I was warmly welcomed into the bodybuilding community where I was told that cardio was a dark word never to be mentioned... I found out where I fit in :)

3. My feelings for carbs rival any emotions towards a significant other..

I wish I was kidding! Never deny a woman her carbs! A few weeks on low{er} carbs and having to even count vegetables will teach you that oatmeal is a gift from heaven!

4. Your weigh ins are like the weather forecast.

You never know what the scale will say, and you really don't care, because it is never right anyway! Rain, shine, whatever- life goes on. Just kick the stupid thing back under the bed until it's time to generate another random number tomorrow!

5. You practice posing.. And then you feel like your whole experience attending shows has been a LIE!

Butt out, chest out, stomach in, arms turned, lats flared, toe angled, the list goes on. All these little techniques that make you look perfect on stage from the judges angle make you look like an oompa loompa who's chicken and broccoli didn't settle so well as soon as you get close to anyone! Seriously though.. Posing is EVERYTHING. And it's hard. And frustrating. {if you can't tell, it's not really my thing yet! but we'll get there!}

And that's what my first two months of prepping has taught me! Stay tuned for my prep journey and all of the memories that are made in the process of getting ready to hit the stage! Yes, it's fun to laugh at this ridiculous lifestyle that I am so committed to, but isn't that what passion is? No matter what comes your way, love the process, it almost always leaves you richer than the reward will.

Happy Friday Friends!

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