a day of healthy traveling

Happy Monday! 

I am safe and sound at home in Phoenix for break. I took an incredibly late flight on Thursday night, which was a whole new experience to say the least! It was zombie Kendall strolling the terminal, that's for sure! 

When I'm exhausted, I snack to stay awake. Knowing this about myself, I knew exactly what needed to be done to make my traveling day a success (remember, I'm in prep now for competition!).

I still had class on Thursday, so I got up, made some breakfast, and took off. It was my day off lifting, so I only had cardio on the agenda. After class, the gym was closed for a basketball practice and I had just enough time before lunch to get a run in, so I headed out to the track!

I'm by no means a runner, but I survived a slow 2 miles with some good music and sunshine. As much as I hate it in the moment, running always leaves me feeling great!

The weather was beautiful! Sunny and 75- perfect for an ocean-view run!

After my run, I went to meet a friend for lunch in the cafeteria. I ate my salad too fast to take a picture for you! I'm sorry. Running makes me so hungry! It was delicious and had shrimp and veggies and salsa on top. I am always sure to eat light during the day when I am traveling to leave lots of room for snacks in my daily eats. 

I had to tutor a couple of statistics students after lunch. When I was done, I went to pack up my car and do some last minute studying for my Money and Banking exam that evening. Senioritis makes everything so hard!

That about sums that up.. ;)

After loading up my car, I stopped at the cafeteria for some dinner, steamed veggies and tilapia with butternut squash, before I went to take my test. It was hard. I should have studied.. But, I didn't really care because IT'S SPRING BREAK!

On that note, off to the airport I went! There were no lines anywhere, it was so nice! I flew through security and was left with two hours to kill until my 9:15pm flight took off. It's a good thing I came prepared! I brought an empty water bottle to refill at the drinking fountain, a to-go Justin's Peanut Butter pack, a banana, a new pack of cinnamon gum, a greek yogurt (not pictured) and bought myself a coffee from Einsteins by the gate. I passed the time relaxing and getting some work done on the computer. 

When it was finally time to board, I put in my headphones, turned on the new playlist that I had created, and completely crashed. I was exhausted! Finally, at 11:30pm, we landed in Phoenix! My mom picked me up and we headed home. Most of the family was asleep, but this little rascal had crashed on the couch like a little kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve! 

Our youngest of three dogs, Ribbi!

I gave him some love before heading off to bed myself. It was a long day of traveling, but I still managed to squeeze in healthy eating and a quick workout. It is possible!

What is your favorite trick to stay healthy when traveling?

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