when comparison has a grip on you

I hope that gave you a little hump-day giggle! :)

All joking aside though, what are we doing

Our bodies, assets, and lifestyles never catch a break from our critical eyes and destructive thoughts. Our minds are consumed and frustrated when our peers are successful and we are stuck like a stick in the mud. It's a never-ending cycle of "if I only had their (insert current asset here), I would be so happy and my life would be great!" WHY? 

Does it motivate you? Does it bring you butterflies in your tummy at the thought of another beautiful day of life? Does it make you feel strong, courageous, and valuable? 


This is why. When we are comparing our achievements and lifestyles to those of others, we only know half the story. You take one aspect or moment of a person's life and use it as a measuring stick for your entire life. You have no idea what their past holds or what their future entails. You don't know their fears, struggles, or insecurities. You don't know what it means to a day in their life.

Free yourself of the chains of comparison and find the beauty in where you in your journey. Others can tell you how great they think you are and how beautiful you are right now, but it isn't worth anything until you believe it too. Leave perfection in the past, and move forward to new goals and days of celebration and gratitude.

Your thoughts shape your destiny. Think joy, fulfillment, and beauty. Redefine success and love where you are today. 

Affirmation for today:  Today I will be the most beautiful me that I can be. My thoughts and words towards myself will be uplifting and remind me that I am worthy of love and kindness from myself.

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