things I wish someone had told me

If someone could have told you anything before you turned 20, what would you have wanted to know?

I stumbled across an article called "19 Things I wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Turned 20" (warning, some vulgar language within the list) and a few of them really stuck with me.

Then and now.. :)

Here are a few that I would have told little Kendall.. (although, I'm not sure she would have listened.. She's always been one to try to swim upstream and likes to learn things the hard way! ;) )
  • 5. Empathy is built.
People long to be heard and understood, but it's hard to do that when you don't give people your full attention. Learning how the people in your life communicate and see the world helps you to be a better friend to them. Even if you disagree with them or they really get under your skin, they are worthy of the opportunity to speak. They are worth getting off your computer, phone, or iPad for. Sit, eyes and heart open, and truly hear where they are coming from. When you treat people with kindness and show them that you value their ideas, they are more willing to hear and value yours too.

  • 8. Find something that makes you feel like the world makes sense, even if you can't justify it intellectually to yourself or anyone else.
A song, a sport, a walk by the ocean, baking a batch of cookies, or a trip to church. It doesn't matter how much it costs or how unproductive you will be; if you find joy in it, it's worth it. YOU are worth it. Life is meant to be lived with joy.
  • 14. You are not your job.
or your grades. or your accomplishments. 

You are the way you treat people, the perspective you bring to the world, and the light that you shine. You are the words that you say to people, the joy in your life, and the love in your heart. If you removed every circumstance in your life and stuck yourself on a completely white canvas with everything left behind, that is who you are. What does your name stand for? 
  • 17. Never take validation too deeply to heart.
People's opinions should be heard, but sometimes you need to follow your gut. There will be many times in life that people point you in another direction or tell you that your opinion is wrong. Listen to them, tell them thank you, and then move on. It's okay if what's in your heart isn't something that you can explain to outsiders. 

19. You are inherently valuable.
No explanation needed. You are beautiful, successful, and enough. You don't need others to tell you that, you need to believe it yourself.

What do you wish someone would have told you before you turned 20?

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