the infamous first step (the healing journey- part 1)

Have you ever been to an Anonymous group? Co-Dependents, Eating Disorders, Alcoholics, Narcotics, Overeaters, and the list goes on. The programs are known to to work miracles in the lives of many who are at a rough point in life. Guess what? I've been an Anonymous for several months now, and I have learned, through my own journey of healing, that they DO work; not because they are magic, but because the foundation of the programs starts from the beginning and builds a proper foundation for a healthy and balanced life. They aren't just for individuals who are struggling. I believe that everyone can benefit from living a lifestyle of awareness and balance.

It all starts by admitting that you have a problem and (here's the kicker) accepting that you are powerless when it comes to changing it. It's scary and it makes you feel like you are completely out of control. "I can just try one more time. I'll start Monday!" you want to shout, but you don't. You listen, and you glance down at the ground as your mind takes a journey through the past weeks, months, or even years of your unhealthy habit. Sometimes that first meeting makes you want to pack your things and run for the door, but sometimes someone taps you on the shoulder and tells you that they are happy you're here. They ask for your number and send you texts of encouragement for the next several days. They become your friend. Knowing you aren't alone helps you find the courage to face the challenges ahead. It's the first part of the foundation. 

I had been through counseling, seen a nutritionist, spent a few sessions with a personal trainer, and sought out the best mentors that I could find, but it wasn't enough. My type-A, locus of control tendencies had a very hard time understanding that I couldn't fix my own problem. Not only could I not fix it, but no human could. It doesn't mean that we aren't successful in other areas of our lives, just that we might need help with this one. Help comes in many forms: friends at meetings, prayer and meditation, and some serious soul searching. 

Even if you aren't a true "Anonymous," I think that this is the first step to finding balance and happiness in life. Meet with friends who lift you up, spend time listening for guidance before you act, and don't be afraid to realize and (here it comes again) accept that you are powerless to change some habits.

Check back for the following parts in this series and let's start the journey of true healing together!

What are you doing today to be vulnerable and accept that you need help?

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