the art of healing

The other day I bought a bag of chocolate covered pretzels. I bought exactly 10 pretzels from the bulk bin at the store because I know that, in the past, they have been a trigger food for me and I can't keep my hands out of them.  Guess what? 12 hours, everybody! That's how long that precious bag of pretzels lasted in my room! 

This brings me to my point. I have control issues around certain foods. I have done all the research and I know that it's been linked to hormones (dopamine, insulin, and cortisol, specifically) and the sugar+fat combo that is designed to be addicting. To be honest with you though, the fact that I could choose to blame it on the food industry doesn't make it okay. It doesn't make it healthy for my mind or body to keep giving in and participating in over-indulgence. 

Whether it's over-consuming, not eating enough, or choosing the wrong foods, it's up to you to decide what foods you fuel your life with. Choose things that will support you living an active and fulfilling life. 

It's all a part of the art of healing. Healing your mind, body, and spirit. It starts with you, and only you can choose the next step in your journey. 

Fuel your life with joy, persistence, and confidence today. Start you week off right.

I believe in you!

What are you choosing today to fuel your life?

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