Stalking vs. Experiencing: Are You Living Life on the Sidelines?

What is your biggest dream?  Making that intimidating business decision, asking that special person our to dinner, or investing some time and money in yourself? What do you spend a majority of your time thinking about? What are your last prayers before you fall asleep? 

Today I'm not going to ask you a question, but I do have one for you to ask yourself.

What dream am I stalking instead of experiencing?

I'm not talking about stalking a person, necessarily. When you stalk something, you think about it constantly. It consumes you, drives you, and rarely leaves the deepest parts of your soul. Whether it be that job you are so afraid to pursue, that healthy lifestyle that you don't know if you can achieve, or a big move that you don't know that you can make, you have to accept that it's got a hold on you. You stand on the sidelines and watch others step up, take risks, and reap rewards, but you can't find the courage to do it yourself.

What if, just for today, you weren't afraid? What if you took a day off from worrying about tomorrow and did what you dream of today? "Kendall, it's more complicated than that!" I know, I've heard this too many times. I've told myself this lie too many times. Today, I'm going to step out and tell you that I think you're wrong. I think that you are worth the risk and I think that your worth betting on, even if you don't. Today my money's on you. Start small, only focus on today. The most beautiful things are experienced in the present. 

Commit to doing at least one thing to move you towards your dream today.

Just one. It's scary, I know, but you will feel so fulfilled. Be different than the rest of the world who might waste their lives on the sidelines. Jump in the game and go all in! I believe in you.

This is it. This is your day!

What are you going to do today to move one step closer to your dream so you can stop stalking it and begin experiencing it?

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