part 2- the healing journey/gratitude monday

Last week I started a series about my healing journey and personal experience with an anonymous program. I think that the lessons that I learned through the program are basic lifestyle foundations that are beneficial to everyone. Find part one here.


We established that recognizing that we aren't {and never will be} perfect unlocks our full potential. Admitting this truth is one battle, but accepting it is a whole different challenge. Finding peace with our imperfections is the beginning of the road to healing, but it isn't the end. Distinguishing between imperfections and joy-draining habits is incredibly difficult. Some habits have an incredibly deep grip on us, one over which we feel completely out of control. When we feel out of control, we get a taste of how powerless we really are over so many things in the world. It can been seen as a struggle, or as an opportunity to draw near to and rely on your higher power.

It's not something talked about often because it's not always proper to include religion and may come off as offensive, but it IS a part of the anonymous program and I honestly and whole-heartily believe that it's the key step. I had accepted a higher power {for me: God, Yahweh, Father, Trinity, Jesus} prior to getting involved in anonymous, but I didn't want to share my bad habits and struggles with Him. It wasn't a beautiful part of me and it wasn't something that I was proud of. Anonymous taught me what an important part reliance on a higher power really is. They don't define a religion, but ask that you explore the idea of acknowledging a higher power "as you understand Him".

It doesn't have to be religion and you don't have to call your higher power "God". It's about finding what works for you and realizing that you messed up when you tried to run your life and you need some guidance and intervention. When you take the pressure off of yourself to micro-manage every aspect of your life, you heal your relationship with yourself. The words of hurt and body-slamming come to a halt and you trust that your higher power is on your side. 

Today, I invite you to explore the role that a higher power could play in your road to recovery. When we depend on ourselves, we mess it up, hate ourselves, and then set higher expectations that lead us to messing up again. It's a vicious cycle. What if we just handed our worries and poor habits over to someone who holds the power to change them?

My gratitude this Monday is that I have the opportunity to experience relationship, not just religion. Yes, I am a part of a church, but relationship happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Relationship knows and values every piece of an individual without judgement and breeds encouragement and strength. Relationship is where things change.

Check back for part 3 of the healing journey series when we explore the next piece of my experience with anonymous.

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