I don't know if anyone has told you lately..

Guess what? You have a purpose.

Your life has a purpose. The circumstances and tough decisions have a purpose. The passions and dreams that don't line up perfectly with society's expectations have a purpose. YOU have a purpose.

This morning I had the opportunity to hear one of my professors share about her faith journey. I was late to the meeting but, as far as God is concerned, I was right on time. The words that she said spoke to me so clearly that I just had to share some of her words.

Do  you ever feel like, when it comes to making decisions, no matter now many pros there may be for one choice, your gut just calls you to move the opposite direction? Spiritual guidance is not a stranger to most of us if we take the time to listen. It's a harmonious symphony when life follows our plans and our head and our heart align but, when it doesn't, which do we follow? 

Your head knows the benefits, hazards, and details of every decision, but it doesn't know how you feel. Your heart doesn't give worry the time of day, it just keeps dreaming big. That is why we need them BOTH. Either one alone is a road to disaster. When it comes to life decisions, finding a balance between your head and your heart is essential. 

You were created with purpose. You were hand-crafted with divine intention to be a masterpiece and walk the roads that were paved for you from the beginning. When you lose sight of the path, tune in to your head and your heart for guidance and seek wisdom in your life.

I didn't know this until my professor shared it, but the word "coincidence" doesn't exist in Hebrew. The Lord's intention for us can't just be written off as "coincidence". You were made with the big picture in mind. Remember that the next time a rough day is getting the best of you.

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