friday fantastic 5: salad toppings I can't get enough of!

Welcome to Friday Fantastic 5! Every Friday, stop by to see 5 things that I'm loving that week! 

Today's theme is: my latest favorite salad toppings!

Every day I find a way to fit a salad the size of my head into my daily meals. It's one of my favorite ways to get tons of nutrients and fill up my growling stomach. One of the biggest complaints that I hear about people trying to eat healthy is how boring a salad is, but I have totally solved this problem. I am known for the crazy toppings that I put on salads and so today I thought that I would share some of my favorites with you! 

1. Roasted Butternut Squash+Brussel Sprouts:

(photo: cooksmarts.com)

2. Parmesan Cheese

(photo: dreamstime.com)

3. Strained Vegetable Soup (Sounds crazy, I know, but it is SO good! You don't even need dressing when you do it this way!) 

(photo: wholefoodsmarket.com)

4. Sunflower Seeds

(photo: thelongestlife.com)

5. Salmon+Feta Combo

(photo: aquabounty.com)

The next time you're in a salad rut, give one of these a try! Then try something new and unique of your own!

Which salad toppings can you not get enough of??

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