2/21- friday fantastic 5- lately

Welcome to Friday Fantastic 5! Every Friday, stop by to see 5 things that I'm loving that week! 

1. Taco Salads
YUM. Obsessed is an understatement! These have become the star of my third meal and they never fail to pick me up from that 3pm slump! Ground turkey cooked with cumin and salt and pepper, shredded cheese, torn corn tortillas, steamed broccoli, salsa, guacamole (homemade!), greek yogurt (instead of sour cream), and franks hot sauce make a heavenly combination. Check back next week for my recipe!

(image: http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/food_photos/taco_salad.jpg)

2. New Girl
This is seriously the best show ever! I am so late to watching New Girl but I totally fell in love with Jess when I watched the first episode. I have now started from episode one on Netflix and I am slightly embarrassed to say that I will be caught up to current episodes in a couple of days.. :)

3. Kelp Noodles
These are pretty awesome! They are almost zero calories/carbs and have a great crunch to them! I use them on salads or in stir fry with some chicken/beef, peppers, onions, and broccoli! Add some coconut aminos and you have a great meal. They would also be great to use in lettuce wraps to add some extra volume and help keep you full.

4. Jesus Calling
I have had this daily devotional for over a year now and I recently got back to reading it daily a few weeks ago. It really sets a peaceful tone for my day and gives me an uplifting and positive perspective.

5. YouTube
Okay, don't make fun of me for being late to the YouTube game.. I have been spending way too much time watching all my favorite bodybuilders' channels, listening to lectures on health and fitness, and even studying for school! My Money and Banking course is kicking my butt this semester and some beautiful soul on YouTube taught me how the Fed works in 5 minutes! It was awesome. Some of my favorite channels right now include: Quest Nutrition, Team 3DMJ (my contest prep coaches!), Erin Stern, and Strength Camp!

That's it for today!  Check back on Monday for part 2 of "The Healing Journey" series. Here is the link to part 1 if you haven't gotten a chance to read it yet!

What's one thing you are loving today?

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