Wednesday Wisdom: Staying Committed

What is the biggest commitment that you have ever made?

Getting healthy? Making healthier food choices? Being kind to yourself? How did you do it? What held you to the commitment?

"How do you stay so committed to this lifestyle?" is probably the most common question that I receive from others. Honestly, it would be easy to write them off with the typical "will power" answers and "ultimate cleanse" protocols but, the truth is, that has never worked for me.

When you make will power your one and only plan to achieve success, you hold yourself to be responsible for any and all circumstances. The reason I don't like this approach: sometimes life throws you a curveball. In my experience, accepting that I did the best that I could in a given situation and moving on always gets me a lot further than throwing a pity party and giving up because I "have no will power."

When you make a commitment, commit to doing your best to achieve a goal. Make a plan, stick to it, and forgive yourself if you have to start over.

"I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards." -Abraham Lincoln

Don't fear failure. Dive in. Go deep. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Share them. Help others through them.

The only one counting your failures is YOU. 

What will you step out on a limb and commit to today?

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