Wednesday Wisdom- Falling Off The Wagon Gracefully

We all know that moment.. The one when you look in the mirror and you are shocked to see that you look nothing like you thought you did, or the one when you have been trying to eat healthier and the progress just isn't showing as quickly as you would like. Guess what? That's where I am today, and something tells me that you might be there too.

When was the last time that you made a point of speaking words of kindness to yourself, or doing something out of the ordinary to care for your body? Sometimes, life gets busy. There are days that you won't get to the gym and days when that piece of chocolate cake or the homemade cookies end up in your tummy. I don't know much about science to back up this theory, but my personal experience leads me to believe that these small slip ups aren't what turn our healthy lifestyles upside down.  I don't think that a little bit of sugar (although I try to avoid it most of the time) or a day of rest ruin our bodies. What I do believe though, is that the guilt and shame that they breed poisons us from the inside out.

When was the last time that you fell off the wagon gracefully? It sounds weird but, when you have grace for yourself and where you are in the present moment, it changes your perspective on your strengths and abilities. It sends positive vibes to your body, soul, and spirit. 

Today I woke up and I couldn't find any shorts that fit me in my closet. It was our first day back to Summer weather and I have put on so much muscle that nothing fits right anymore. Rather than resort to a crash diet and mourn in my PJs all day long, I took a day off. I skipped cardio, I went to the beach with my friends, and I had an amazing chocolate chip cranberry cookie that one of my best friends made. I was frustrated, but I let go of those feelings and instead consumed the love, grace, and acceptance that is always found in time with God and true friendships.  It's great that those things can brighten my day and make me feel valued no matter my size or healthy lifestyle failure, but I still struggle with that pit of guilt in my stomach from time to time. 

Today I want to tell you that it's okay to be okay with messing up sometimes. You don't have to inflict pain and shame on yourself and begin a war within. You can choose to fall off of the wagon gracefully. 

You can choose to see the masterpiece within yourself. The power is YOURS.

What words of kindness and truth are you speaking to yourself today?

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