There Is No Cherry-Picking In The Masterpiece Movement

This morning in Chapel (a mandatory worship time three days a week at my school) I caught myself lip syncing.

Now, you could look at this from a spiritual view and criticize me for failing to truly worship God, or you could look at it the way that I saw it in the moment: a complete testimony of my self confidence and ability.

Here's the thing: during the time that I should have been the most selfless, I was still worrying about my weaknesses. Without even consciously being aware of my actions, I was protecting myself from criticism and mockery that could possibly result from my lack of singing abilities. It's completely ridiculous, and it's not what I promote and preach through the Masterpiece Movement.

I support being your full self. I long to see you thrive on the qualities that set you apart and make you who you are. I celebrate the completeness that is only truly found when it is sought with everything within you. I promote surrender; the kind that stops you mid-fight and begs for truce. Truce with your body. Truce with your soul. Truce with the half of you that tears yourself down and the half that will be so full of relief when you let go of the unattainable standards.

I support you being true to yourself. Not only the "good" parts or the "acceptable" parts of you, ALL OF YOU. 

I celebrate the completeness that is only truly found when it is sought with everything within you.

You see, there is no cherry-picking in the Masterpiece Movement. Alone, one stroke of the brush, even if it is crafted with the most valuable talent, is nothing without the rest of the piece.You can't just love part of yourself. You can't only pick the parts with which you are satisfied. It is the companionship and unity of the underdog attributes and star-like qualities that lead to a Masterpiece. 

Speak your thoughts courageously, wrap your arms around your stomach, leave your freckles out to shine for the day, and sing at the top of your lungs. Leave no piece of you wondering if it makes the cut. Every role plays a piece in the Masterpiece.

the challenge: find your deepest insecurity and tell it three reasons why you love it so much. share, if you are willing, in the comments below!

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