The Power to Change

Today I was supposed to do a lot of things. Homework, gallery visits, cardio, and shopping for some things were all on the list of things to do. My typical type-A lifestyle had my day set up to do much more than is physically possible in 24 hours and my brain was still half asleep while I clutched my third cup of coffee tightly against my chest. It wasn't an abnormal day. This is completely normal for me these days, and it has been this way for as long as I can remember.

Somehow I ended up in this endless circle of things needing to be perfected and lost sight of the value of relationships. I have chosen days of loneliness and deep thought over dinners and activities with people I love. I have chosen personal enrichment and success over investing in others. I have chosen wrong.

At the time, it didn't feel wrong. I thought that it was what I had to do to reach that next milestone or get that last acceptance letter but, the truth is, there will always be one more thing to reach before I stop, take a deep breath, and hug my friends and family extra close. Remember those people we talked about on Monday waiting to catch you when you miss your step? What's their role in your journey to success? How do you invest in them and enrich their lives while you pursue your dreams?

Friends fill us up, encourage us, and remind us of the masterpiece that we are. They shouldn't be the last priority or the first plans that we cancel. 

A friend of mine, Bob Goff, taught me a few years ago in a Business Law class to quit something every Thursday that is keeping me from being the masterpiece that I was made to be. Today I'm quitting my upside down priorities and making some time for the people that I love. The ones that remind me who I am and that I am worthy of love and grace. The ones that encourage me and invest in me. The people in my path looking for a new friend, a mentor, or someone to send a smile their way. I choose them instead of my unrealistic standards.

What are you quitting today that's going to remind you of the masterpiece that you are? It's Thursday, you can be whoever you want to be.

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