Gratitude Monday

I believe that the first step to being healthy is seeing life through a perspective of abundance. This concept of gratitude has become a theme in my prayers, aspirations, and overall life. What does it mean to live abundantly? To see the world from behind the rim of a cup overflowing with blessings, rather than being distracted by the shape, size, or color of the glass. We spend so much time problem-solving that we miss out on the blessings that flood our lives. 

It starts with us. When we focus on the right things, we can influence others to shift their focus too. For several months, I have been keeping an abundance journal. I simply open it every morning and fill out a page with every blessing that crosses my mind for a few moments. It shifts my outlook. I watch for blessings as the day goes on and add to my page before bed. This practice has changed me, and I believe that it has the power to change you too.
I challenge you to find some paper and start your list. Stop being focused on what needs improved and start paying attention to the abundance of blessings that constantly overflow your cup.
Forgiveness is powerful. Grace is powerful. A perspective of abundance is powerful. You were meant to receive every blessing with thanksgiving. It’s a new week- start today. 
Today I am grateful for my family and the constant support they give me. It is something so easy to take for granted, but being away at school for several months at a time really helps me to appreciate it when I get to come home. 
What are you grateful for today?