Friday Fantastic 5! -1/23

Welcome to Friday Fantastic 5! Every Friday, stop by to see 5 things that I'm loving that week!

Today's theme is favorite kitchen staples!

1. Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea- I have a problem with loving a treat after dinner. I know, it's a bad habit, but it's a part of me that I am learning to accept. Many times, finding a way to satisfy the piece of me in need of a treat and not completely sabotage my health and fitness goals is a struggle! Enter: YOGI TEA! This tea is really sweet all by itself and has amazing abilities to leave me feeling full of life, love, and warmth. I am a coffee girl through and through, but this tea has officially won me over!

2. Breville Juice Fountain Complex- I just got this juicer for Christmas and I am obsessed! I was interested in juicing after I started having digestive issues and had a hard time getting my fruits and veggies in. This juicer is easy to use and a great first step if you are interested in starting to juice. I even save the pulp and make chips out of it (recipe to come soon!) 

3. Quest Bars- These are a busy girl's SAVIOR. Being into bodybuilding, strength training, and foodie finds, I have always written off any protein bars or shakes as pure sugar. Quest changed my mind! I am a big fan of their stevia-sweetened natural line (the original line tastes great but I don't like the sucralose in the ingredients list) and I constantly keep them in my bag for emergency snacks! The double chocolate chunk and coconut cashew are my current favorites, but I love them all! Put them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds for a warm and gooey treat!

4. Ninja Kitchen Professional Blender- I love a great smoothie on a hot Arizona day! I used to dream of a Vitamix, but I came to realize that I just don't have that much money for a blender. That's when I found the Ninja, and I have never looked back! Soups, smoothies, you name it- it blends it. (Have you guys ever seen those "Will it Blend?" videos?? That's what I just thought of. They are hilarious!)

5. Progressive Nutritional Organic Whey Protein- Sometimes I struggle to hit my protein goals and need a protein powder to turn to. This is one of the few powders that I have found that is sweetened with stevia and actually tastes good! I have had both the chocolate and the vanilla and absolutely love them for throwing in smoothies/protein shakes, mixing in greek yogurt, or  adding to oatmeal. Give it a try!

That rounds out another Friday Fantastic 5! 

What is your favorite kitchen staple?

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