1/17- Friday Fantastic 5

Welcome to Friday Fantastic 5! Every Friday, stop by to see 5 things that I'm loving that week!

Today's theme is upper body strength training!

1. Push Press: Strict shoulder presses with dumbbells and barbells are really great for tackling form and building great delts, but I have recently gotten bored with them and fallen in love with push presses! By using a bit of leg drive to help you press, you increase the amount of weight you can lift and the number of reps that you can complete. It is a great lift that incorporates your whole body and definitely rounds out those shoulders!

2. Lateral Raises: Lateral raises have been around for as long as I can remember. They have a key exercise for hitting the medial deltoid, creating round and shapely shoulders. Using dumbbells, maintain a slight bend at the elbow while raising your arms out to the side until the dumbbells are shoulder height. Maintaining a tight contraction in the shoulder, lower the weights back to your sides i a controlled manner. 

3. Plank Rows: Plank rows are an awesome way to increase core strength while building a strong back to help you maintain good posture.  Either on your knees or on your toes, acquire a plank position with dumbbells under your hands. One arm at a time, use your back to row the dumbbell, raising it to your ribcage while engaging your core, and then lowering it back down to the floor. Repeat on the other side. 

4. Hand-Release Push Ups: Recruiting your arms, shoulders, and chest, hand-release push ups are a fantastic exercise to add to any upper body workout. Either on your knees or on your toes, put yourself in a push up position, holding your core tight. Slowly, lower your body to the floor, picking up your hands when your abdomen makes contact with the ground. Then, replace your hands on the floor along your shoulders and press yourself back up to top. This is one rep. Remember to keep your core tight at all times to avoid a snake-like motion when lowering yourself to the floor.

5. Chin Ups: DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! YOU CAN DO THESE WITH MODIFICATION! Either on an assisted pull up machine, or using a band for assistance, the chin up can be made possible for an individual at any fitness level. While wide-grip pull ups are a bit intimidating, chin ups are a great way to get comfortable moving your own body weight. Give them a try! 

Now get out there and build a great upper body! :) 

What is your favorite upper body exercise?

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